How does the
FanEx app work?

Gather all Collectibles, complete collections and experience
your club like never before!

  • Download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Open your email on your phone, press the confirmation link and verify your email address.
  • Go back to the app and start collecting.
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Your Collectibles

Your Collectibles are saved in your personal profile. These Collectibles are digital cards that form a set: a complete set will give you a reward. You can get Collectibles through your club or by trading on the Marketplace.

Your Perks

Have a drink with a former player, get your hands on a signed ball or gain access to unique business events: you will find all your Perks on your profile. These are the exclusive rewards and experiences you have gotten hold of by completing sets of Collectibles.

The story behind your Collectible

A nostalgic club logo, a memorable match or a funny player interview: each Collectible has a story. You can read all about this unique piece of club history on the infopage of each Collectible.

Follow your club and stay connected

Each club has its own page dedicated to you as a fan. Here you give your opinion, read the latest news and trade Collectibles. There’s always something happening here so make sure you follow the page!

On the homepage you will get notified about new collections of Collectibles. Here you can also vote on which Collectibles and Perks we make available in the app. This way you are in full control of what you’ll experience around your favourite club!

Do you want to sell a Collectible? Or are you looking for that one Collectible to complete your collection? You can easily trade all your Collectibles with your fellow fans on the Market Place.