This is FanEx

Our vision

We believe that fans are the backbone of a club: the stronger and bigger the base is, the more you can accomplish. And as a fan, that's exactly where you want to be. Totally involved. To fully belong, and to always be exactly in the middle of where it happens. 

That's why we believe in a strong community that also profits from being a fan outside of the stadium walls. A community that provides each other with benefits anytime, anywhere. With as a result not only the most unique fan experience, but a better quality of life. For every fan.

The vision of FanEx
The mission of FanEx

Our mission

In return for loyalty and engagement, we reward fans with unique experiences to really live their club. We create a fan community that not only gets closer to their club, but also closer to each other. This way enriching daily life of each individual tremendously.

The FanEx team

FanEx consists of a unique combination of high potentials and senior professionals. We work with heart and soul every day on our mission to take the fan experience to the highest level. Our head office is located in Amsterdam, so be sure to drop by if you want to get to know us better.

The FanEx team
Social Responsibility at FanEx

Socially responsible

We use blockchain technology. This consumes a lot of energy, but at FanEx we keep energy consumption low by deviating from the usual Ethereum blockchain for NFTs. As a result, we reduce energy consumption by more than 90%. But this is still not enough for us. Our mission is to create a CO2 neutral platform without harming the environment.

That is why we work together with JustDiggit. They create 'bunds', places where rainwater is optimally used to develop fertile soil. This allows vegetation to return in these areas. This way, FanEx contributes to a better future for fans and the world. In addition, JustDiggit will be involved in many of the Collectibles we publish, to continue to raise climate change awareness and opportunities to mitigate it.